BBW’s – How soon should you wait to have sex?

by admin on November 5, 2011

How long should you wait?So you’ve gone online and read their profile. She seems like the larger date from heaven. You also like him and have exchanged icebreakers, winks and emails. Hell, you’ve even exchanged phone numbers and finally summoned up courage and gone on a date. It is new but, fingers crossed, it all seems to be going well. You know it is eventually going to lead there but how soon should you wait to have sex? Too soon and you feel like you might be considered easy. Too late and you fear you might be considered a prude!

The truth is that there are no set rules or a definite figure or number of dates. Trying to reduce this question to a number is like asking how long you should wait before getting married. The only real answer is that it depends on both parties, their desires and the amount of chemistry present (or absent). What do you want from the sexual relationship? How well have you gotten to know this person? No one answer is wrong. Every situation is different.

The tendency to brand someone as a whore or a slut, especially if female based on whether they had sex early on is unfair. However statistically though for women, if you start with casual sex, there’s a 44 percent higher chance you’ll end up in a non-exclusive relationship in comparison to those who start out in a serious relationship.

It is also important to note that attitudes have changed from what they once were in the 50′s. Nowadays, the priority for some women will be dating leading to marriage. These women are ready to form stable bonds. In the case of these women, letting your emotional connections strengthen you, increases the chances of the physical experience with your lover feeling more complete and beyond comparison.

For others especially with careers to juggle, and who may be delaying marriage until later in life, the reasons for dating may be different. As a result, dating in the 21st century may be for the purpose of companionship, someone to do things with before one gets married. For this second set of women, dating is about learning how to ask for what you want in a relationship which also includes craving intimacy. The key is to determine before you become intimate whether you have the same goals: casual sex with no strings attached, or a lasting relationship. Once sex gets into the picture, it’s almost impossible to keep your reason intact. If someone dodges your questions, take note. Don’t be afraid to let what you want be known.

In conclusion, the important thing is not the amount of dates had, but rather the readiness of the parties involved. If you find it difficult talking about your readiness for sex with a partner it could be that you aren’t ready for it yet. The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open so each party knows exactly where they stand and what they are getting out of it. That way, no one gets hurt. And most importantly, whether it be committed or casual sex, ALWAYS protect yourself from STD’s.

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