Style Tips for todays Plus size Woman

by admin on November 4, 2011

Style Tips for today's Larger Date.

There are a lot of ways in which the big beautiful woman could improve her wardrobe in the style stakes without running up a Greece style debt. Here we take a look at some. Don’t forget to contact us if you want to have your say..

  • Start with quality under wear. High street stores like Marks & Spencer offer a free bra-fitting service. A great many women are walking around in the wrong bra size leading to bad posture and back pain. When choosing your bra, the straps should be taut, not tight. Your shoulders shouldn’t hunch forward. If the straps leave tight marks on your skin, loosen them up a bit. Your breasts should be held firmly in place without any jiggle nor bounce and your bra should fit comfortably on the first hook. And get over any hang-ups about three- and four-hook enclosure bras. If you’re spilling out of your bra then your cup size is too small and you need to toss it and move up a number size. While every woman should own a basic nude bra—nothing works better under a crisp white shirt.
  • Accentuate your best bits — If you have great legs, show them off with a mini, or create the illusion of length with an on-trend midi skirt. If your legs are a little bigger, wear straight-leg or boot-cut jeans with heels that add length to your legs. Most larger dates have cleavages to die for, so why not draw attention away from any wobbly bits by wearing low-cut tops on nights out. A tasteful V-neck top and a balcony bra which doesn’t expose too much flesh but just enough to draw attention from a wobbly stomach for instance could do wonders for your confidence. If your tummy is the problem area, then empire waste shirts which are tight around the bust and then get a little looser so you will not have to worry about fabric clinging to your tummy area could be an idea. You could also do worse than investing in minimising pants, with a strong panel of elastic. Remember though, confidence is sexy!
  • Accessorize: You’ll be surprised at the difference a few bits of carefully thought out accessories can make to even the most basic of outfits. A chunky, colourful pendant or necklace can instantly add style to a plain outfit and for a great casual look they can be hung on coloured, silk cords which look up-to-the-minute and totally stylish. Forgo embellishments though. Ribbons, bows, jewels, and other adornments dangling from your clothes add bulk and make you look heavy! Scarves draw attention away from other areas and can be used to hide a multitude of sins, and an oversized shoulder bag will make you look smaller on top. Always wear appropriate accessories for the occasion and match the size of your jewellery to your size.
  • Choose your colours wisely: Wear dark colors on bottom, light colors on top. White and light colors add weight, and dark colors subtract weight. For most people, the bottom half is larger, so to create the illusion of it being less pronounced, wear dark jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts and pair them with lighter tops. Remember to accessorize when wearing black though so you do not look funeral bound and all doom and gloom.

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