Turn your great mate into your next date

by admin on October 30, 2011

During the course of every single girls life, there comes a time when that great guy seems kinda boyfriend material. So how do you go about taking a fruitful friendship into the next level without ruining it?

Make sure he’s over his ex. 
You most definitely don’t want to be the cause of the break up of his relationship and you under no circumstances want him when he’s on the rebound. You will need to poke his brain and find out if he’s still in touch with her. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if he pines over her and has that glazed faraway look anytime he speaks about her, then it’s just not the time  to strike yet. Whatever you do, DON’T be the one he turns to when he has relationship problems otherwise you’ll always remain friends.

Drop subtle hints that you’re willing to take things to the next level.
Flirt with him without going overboard. Sit next to him and pay him compliments. Hold his gaze that little bit longer. Most guys are quite perceptive to these types of things. You can always tell if he’s interested as he’ll flirt back with you. That way, you’ll find out if he will be receptive to moving on to the next level without ruining a perfectly good friendship.

If he’s already a mate of yours, then you already have some common interests. What are his thoughts on a larger date? Rather than asking him out on a date straight away, try to find out when he’s available and offer to hang out together. Do you share the same interests in music, movies or perhaps it’s bowling? Before you know it, you’re both having a fun time together and he’s looking forward to spending more time with you the next time around.

Steer your conversations onto ‘serious’ ground.
Do not do this at the start of your ‘plan’ though. Wait until you have begun to see much more of each other. Ask him questions about his past and where he sees himself in the future. That way you can see if he’s worth pursuing anyway. Tell him stuff about yourself and be truthful and honest about it. Go over your profile on your BBW dating site and see if it matches what he wants out of life. Be sure not to rush things though as he doesn’t want to feel that you’re coming on too strong. It might just have the opposite effect. You might just find that sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

Be prepared to wait.
Just because you’ve tried all the above tips doesn’t mean that he’ll come running to you the moment you snap your fingers. This is real life and the secret of successful relationships is that the people involved work at it. Rest assured though that adopting these tips is a sure start in turning that great mate of yours into that great date of yours.

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