Dating Tips

Because you have decided to look for love online doesn’t mean you are a no hoper and that you should lower your standards in a desperate search for love. Far from it. The world wide web has opened an almost endless array of options for you so you can look for and choose the ideal partner to meet those exacting standards of yours. (Note I hesitate to use the term ‘perfect man’, ladies know he doesn’t exist!)

Confidence is sexy
Statistics repeatedly show that most women are unhappy with their bodies. Regardless of size, a woman who is confident within herself will more often than not have a happier disposition to the world around her. This in turn makes her fun to be around and so is more attractive to the opposite sex. Men also hang around for longer. We all know you can’t be confident 24/7 and there are some days when one just cannot be bothered. The trick here is to act confident. Rather than concentrate on the things bogging you down, accentuate the postives. List what is going on well in your life. Remember the mantra, I think, therefore I am.

Register on niche sites.
There are because a big number of men searching for curvaceous woman. These guys are going to these dating niche sites to find them therefore BBW dating sites are not to be ignored. Targeting this niche category provides a higher success rate. While it would be ideal in a perfect world that once a man gets to know you, he wouldn’t matter what you look like as it is the personality that counts, remember – we don’t live in an ideal world and men by their very nature are visual creatures. By registering on dating BBW sites, you know that the men that make contact with you are attracted to you and one of the reasons is to do with your size! All you need now is to connect with him on a personal level!

Learn to accept compliments.
Most of us aren’t comfortable accepting compliments. This is also rooted in our insecurities and because we believe we are not worthy of the compliment. The truth though is that most of us are more hard on ourselves than need be. In other words, we are our own harshest critcs. There’s nothing wrong in self critisism as it can be the spur to drive us on to greater things but it needs to be balanced with the ability to learn to accept compliments and to praise ourselves as often as we can. When next you are paid a compliment, pause, thank the person paying you the compliment and smile. Resist the urge to think there is an ulterior motive. Different people see things differently and just because you don’t agree with a compliment doesn’t mean there is no merit to it.

Write an honest and heartfelt essay.
When you register on a dating site, there usually is a column for you to write in your own words about yourself. No use writing here that “I don’t know what to say here” or “ask me anything you want”. This is your chance to shine and show your potential date that there is more to you than just looks. Be honest about yourself, upload a recent photograph and try to mix in a little bit of humour. Show your potential interests what a great catch you are and how much fun you could both have together. It is often true that a persons personality often shines through in the way they write about themselves. We are all unique in our own little ways so let this come through when you write your personal ad. A simple rule is to make your potential date find your profile interesting enough to make contact. Don’t however lie or brag!

This is by no means an exhaustive list but by following these tips and adding a little common sense, you can go along way in finding that great date that you seek.
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